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Dishonored, Batman and Konami art in free London exhibition

London's City Hall will play host to the showcase, which features art from Konami, Lionhead, Rocksteady studios and more.

London's City Hall is playing host to a week-long exhibition of video game art, giving avid purveyors of interactive entertainment the opportunity to see some glorious artwork based on our favourite games.

Kicking off at midday on Monday 22 October, the showcase features art from Konami, which is celebrating 25 years of Metal Gear Solid, as well as visual niceties from Lionhead, Mind Candy and London-based Rocksteady Studios.

Rocksteady is the group behind Batman: Arkham City, and it's donated some caped-crusader canvas prints to the exhibition, which is being organised by the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) as part of the London Games Festival.

Popular recent assassinate-em-up Dishonored is also getting a special artistic look-in, with a London vista that looks to be themed around the game. Here's a Dishonored Shard preview to whet your appetite.

Pretty nifty, no? If you've got a tonne of empty wall space, you may be interested to know that the art on show at the exhibition will be up for auction, which closes its doors at 6pm on Friday 26 October. All cash raised by flogging the game-themed works will go to Special Effect, a charity that helps people with disabilities through games, art and tech.

The UK has produced some truly cracking games, though the local industry is increasingly at risk from the promise of cheaper game development abroad. It's good then, to see developers getting together for a London event.

Will you be attending? Would you stick Metal Gear's Snake up on your wall? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.