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Developer: PS4, Xbox One graphics to nearly match reality

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage says that gamers can expect to "get really close" to not being able to see a difference between films and games.


The slow and steady march towards real-life graphical performance in video games appears to be quickening its pace.

Speaking to in an interview published on Tuesday, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage said that as developers get more comfortable developing titles for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, gamers can expect titles that can nearly match real life.

"I don't know if we will reach a point during this cycle where you won't be able to tell the difference between a film and a game, but I know we're going to get really close to that during this cycle," Cage told the gaming publication.

Since 3D gaming became popular, the idea of video games one day looking as realistic as real life has been a hope for some players. And with each new improvement to consoles, developers and publishers push the idea of titles inching their way closer to reality. So far, however, titles haven't been able to match their real-life counterparts.

Cage is certainly in the position to know what the future looks like for games. His company Quantic Dream has been celebrated by hard-core gamers who have touted its strong storytelling in popular games, such as Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy.