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Danish bus rolls its eyes at Donald Trump

The wheels on this Copenhagen bus go round and round, and therein lies the joke.

Americans aren't the only ones obsessed with, and perhaps sick of, the presidential election. Our friends abroad are following the drama as well.

One of the more entertaining international takes on the election comes from Copenhagen, Denmark. Numerous city buses are driving around with a message encouraging Americans living abroad to cast their votes. The ad is designed to play off the bus wheels, leading to a hilarious sight gag.

Thanks to Facebook video posted last week by Danish news site DR Nyheder, even those of us thousands of miles away can see the wheels in action.

More than 8,000 Americans are living in Denmark and eligible to vote, according to CNN.

The ad was purchased by the Danish Socialist People's Party, which may explain why it's Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton getting thrown under the bus.

(Via Mashable)