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Hate both US presidential candidates? There's a campaign sign for that

Not down with Donald Trump, or happy about Hillary Clinton? Maybe you just want a giant meteor to crush us all.

Heading into the presidential debate Monday night, it's clear not everyone in the nation is throwing their full-fledged support behind either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Some are still dreaming of another candidate, whether that candidate is human or not, real or fictional.

If you're not about to put a "Make America Great Again" bumper sticker on your car, or plant a "Hillary for America" sign in your yard, we've hunted up seven, uh, alternate candidate slates you might feel better about.

Giant Meteor 2016

Maybe you just want a rock from space to end it all already.

Giant Meteor 2016 from funny

Everybody Sucks 2016

This site sells what it called "political swag for the unpolitical," though it also sells anti-Clinton material.

Frank Underwood, aka FU 2016

Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey's conniving president from the Netflix show "House of Cards," couldn't be any worse than the current candidates, some voters believe.

Frank Underwood will do anything for America. And by "America" we mean "himself," and by "anything" we mean "murder."

Jon Snow/Lyanna Mormont, because winter is already here.

HBO's hit "Game of Thrones" jumped into the political fray with character tickets including Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister and Qyburn, Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark, and the eventual winner, Jon Snow and Lyanna Mormont. Jon Snow may know nothing, but that could be better than the alternative.

Jon Snow has a 10-year-old as a running mate, but she's so awesome no one cares.


Tyson/Nye 2016: Blinded me with science

Want a political ticket that knows its way around a science laboratory? Then you want astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy, and there's a bumper sticker for that.

How about voting the science ticket?

Northern Sun Merchandising

Boldly go...into the White House

Think the Enterprise crew could run the country? It's all a big Kobayashi Maru scenario anyway. There are Star Trek shirts and stickers for multiple combinations of crew members, but we especially like "Kirk/Spock: The Logical Choice" and "Picard/Riker: Make It So." Don't even ask about their various birthplaces, though.

Don't ask about Spock's birthplace.


Han Solo, a straight shooter

They'll never let Han Solo live down that one incident in the cantina. But hey, why not use that quick trigger finger to his advantage? This Etsy shop sells stickers for almost every fictional candidate you can imagine, including Granger/Potter ("I'm With Hermione") and Chewbacca ("Let the Wookiee win"), but Solo's our man.

Chewie would be a natural running mate.

Kelly Design Company, on Etsy