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Crave in Comments: Suction cups and toilet bikes

It's been one heck of a week, but now it's time to take a break and chuckle with a few comments from our Crave family.

It's been a really long week: the iPhone 4S arrived, and Steve Jobs departed. The news of both events was all over the Internet, making it easy to assume that many of you are a little weary from the news overload. So, let's take a breather from it all for a moment and read some amusing or otherwise noteworthy comments from Crave readers. Things are looking up already, right?

In regard to Tropism Well senses you need a refreshing drink:

"Nice, bird poop, and other harmful spores will contaminate the water nicely. Drink up now!" --by nauj_solrac

In regard to Adorn your console with Battlefield 3 ornaments:

"This looks like it came out of a shop! So haggard--I have to get this." --by MrSlipp

In regard to Solar suction cup is handy phone charger:

"First time passengers/flight attendants see someone suction cup an electronic device to the window of the plane it will be dogpile city and a redirected flight." --by 1Opinion

What will they stink of next? Toto

In regard to Toilet motorcycle runs on human poo power:

"So its safe to say that this stinks of innovation?" --by BrownShield

In regard to Horn Bike goes old-school on your iPhone sound:

"I must give them credit for thinking out of the box. However instead of music, I would play a looped sound track of a Harley with loud pipes while tooling around via pedal power." --by tdunkerley

In regard to AT&T confusing some iPhone 4S buyers about unlimited data:

"I had to read that last part again. I cannot believe that AT&T has the nerve to charge $10 for a GB that costs them 6 cents tops. I don't think I'll ever break down and buy one of these things. I'm already on the max dose for blood pressure meds. I thought my Internet cap was obscene but apparently there's worse. I should start raising pigeons." --by jimmy6p