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Adorn your console with Battlefield 3 ornaments

Custom-case maker Calibur 11 is offering a Battlefield 3 mod for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Calibur 11

Obsessed with Battlefield 3?

On October 25, custom-case maker Calibur 11 is set to drop PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 cases that give the consoles a BF3-themed vibe. The cases cover the console, requiring no disassembly. It's worth noting that once fitted, the Calibur 11 mod requires one to keep the console vertical. While some may find this type of product gaudy, there is a certain cool factor.

The PS3 BF3 Calibur 11 case has a smoke-tinged appearance that's most visible toward the lower part of the console. A claymore explosive device is on the right side, with LED lights underneath. The case also features a smoke grenade on the right and a Battlefield 3 logo on the front.

Calibur 11

The Xbox 360 BF3 Calibur 11 case differs slightly, with the claymore and smoke grenade all on the right side. The duckbill-shaped appendage on the left looks rather odd, but actually serves the useful purpose of holding one controller.

Prices for the cases aren't yet listed.