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CNET UK Podcast 241: Feast your ears on our brand new sound!

The CNET UK discusses sockscriptions, the Internet in a suitcase, Sky on your iPad and the latest trend for technology biographies -- oh, and there's badges, and new music.

The CNET UK Podcast 241 is a two-fer-one of up to the minute technology news and aural delights as we unveil an exciting new sound. We asked you guys in listener-land what you'd like to hear in the podcast, and our new theme and musical stings are the results. They're very much a work in progress, so let us know what you think in the comments or on our Facebook page, and help us evolve into the pinnacle of podcast perfection.

In between stings, we take a look at the latest trend for nerd stories, discover how you can carry the Internet in a suitcase, and offer you the chance to design your own CNET UK badge. It's like a Blue Peter badge, only way cooler.

In the news we learn how technology is tackling the problems of errant socks, mobile phones at gigs, and find out which is the most popular story on CNET UK this week.


Never run out of socks again with online sockscription Apple patents infrared-based DRM for live music Duke Nukem Forever finally released after 14 years


Flora: Sky Go is a new way to watch Sky online or on your phone
Rich: SceneTap app monitors bars and clubs
Luke: US government creates 'Internet in a suitcase'

Feature -- Bio-technology

With the news this week that a new comic book is to recount the life and times of Apple boss Steve Jobs and the recent Oscar success of Mark Zuckerberg biopic The Social Network, are we living in a time of nerd stories? Which technological heroes deserve seeing their stories on the silver screen? And can anyone do computers on the big screen better than Hackers?


Another bumper crop of tech conundrums and downright nonsense from the postbag, as we think outside the box for the new Wii U controller and find out what accents Luke can do.

Badges! Win stuff! With badges!

Badges? We need your stinkin' badges. It's time to turn in your badge and fun in the official CNET UK badge contest! Yes, this is your chance to design a pin badge to be worn with pride by CNET UK staff and fans. Click the link for all the details and hit to enter.

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