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CNET News Daily Podcast: Sony's smaller, cheaper PS3

We talk to CNET's David Carnoy about the new cheaper, slimmer PlayStation 3, and what it means to release a console months after the high-profile E3 event.

On today's podcast we talk to CNET executive editor David Carnoy about the newly announced PlayStation 3 Slim from Sony. It may be smaller and cheaper than the older model, but is it missing features?

We also talk about iTunes market share, lawsuits against Facebook and Twitter, and one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history.


Today's stories:

$299 PS3 Slim unveiled at Sony GamesCom briefing

iTunes reps 1 in every 4 songs sold in U.S.

Users file privacy lawsuit against Facebook

Budget PC brands see biggest gains in consumer satisfaction

Three men indicted in largest U.S. data breach

Yahoo Mail still king as Gmail lurks

Here come the 'Twitter, we did it first' lawsuits

Universal Music toasts BigChampagne