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CNET News Daily Podcast: Investigating Web loyalty programs

CNET reporters Josh Lowensohn and Greg Sandoval talk about the online business practices of companies that share credit card info of its customers.

Thousands of online shoppers have complained that mysterious charges are showing up on their credit card statements. They've accused those who operate something they call "Web loyalty programs" of purposely deceiving them into signing them up and charging them. Now the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is investigating Vertrue, WebLoyalty, and Affinion--companies who make "cash back" and coupon offers and charge those who enroll in their loyalty programs. CNET's own Josh Lowensohn was a victim of a Buy.com and WebLoyalty information-sharing policy, and reporter Greg Sandoval investigated the story.

Also on Friday's podcast: Palm throws down with Apple and re-enables iTunes syncing to the Pre after the music app's most recent update killed that feature, Amazon apologizes for last week's deleted Kindle books fiasco, Apple forces Google to change its Latitude app for the iPhone, and one entrepreneur sees a future for advertising on the moon.

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