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CNET en Español is here. Bienvenidos.

We're proud to introduce CNET's Spanish-language sister site, many months in the making.

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CNET en Español ya está aquí.

For years, readers have asked me when CNET would publish our reviews, news, and videos in Spanish. That time is now.

I'm excited -- no, I'm ecstatic -- to show you our new sister site: CNET en Español, available at The site launched today and comes stuffed with the unvarnished tech advice you know from, presented in Spanish for anyone who loves the language and loves technology. We've paid special attention to topics that matter for Spanish speakers in the US and beyond -- stories like "The 20 most influential Hispanics in tech" and the complete guide to calling abroad from your smartphone.

Please visit the site. Look around and enjoy. The effort speaks for itself and will continue to serve up top-notch tech journalism every day from now on.

Some of the world-class CNET en Español team: Gabby Medecki, director; Gabriel Sama, editor; Vanessa Hand Orellena, host; Marta Franco, producer; Erica Argueta, producer James Martin/CNET

I'd also like to introduce you to the team bringing you CNET en Español. This crew has been working around the clock to prepare for this launch, and each one brings a professionalism and drive to the project. You can read more about them here, in Spanish. Or watch the video above to get to know the team led by Gabriel Sama, an editorial leader I'm proud to work with.

And with that, please enjoy the new site. And come back day in and day out. We're just getting started.