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Chrissy Teigen posts entire Bring the Funny episode, jokes about being fired

"Please stop expecting things from me."

Premiere Of NBC's "Bring The Funny" - Arrivals

Chrissy Teigen has accidentally leaked episode one of her new show, Bring The Funny.

David Livingston/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen, one of the internet's favorite funny women, majorly messed up on Monday afternoon. Despite the massive giveaway of the video being titled "for review only," she accidentally leaked the entire first episode of her new NBC show Bring the Funny a day early.

"GUYSSSSSS! so excited to share a clip of my new show BRING THE FUNNY!! Premieres TOMORROW, 10PM after AGT on @NBC!!!!" she tweeted Monday afternoon.

It was swiftly removed from YouTube, but for a few minutes there, people were able to watch the whole half-hour first episode. 

Twitter was quick to react. "Uhh that's a whole episode, my dude," one person said. "Chrissy abort this tweet you shared the whole episode," another added.

Teigen, who also previously caused a blender war on Twitter, tweeted an update 40 minutes later, joking about losing her job.

"Well it looks like I have been fired for posting the whole thing thank u all for your kind texts and DMs please send job opportunities to same number," she said. "Anyhow if you didn't watch 30 minutes of it online watch it TOMORROW AT 10PM on @nbc!!!! I am really proud of it and the new friendships and love affairs I made!!!"

Some tweets suggested Teigen had deliberately leaked the episode for publicity. "Can't tell if this is intentional? I mean, @chrissyteigen is a pretty savvy person...Either way, kinda great publicity," one person tweeted.

Teigen simply pointed to an earlier tweet in May where she'd said she was "so stupid and so tired please stop expecting things." Teigen also blamed the company, saying "Why would they SEND IT is my question!!!!!"

"why r u yelling at me :(" she responded to another online critic.

Teigen's already moved on, though -- she's now tweeting about the time she screenshotted someone's Instagram photo and accidentally sent it to that person along with a strongly worded comment.