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CES: Sonomax Eers offers instant custom-molded earphones

Sonomax's Eers produces earphones that are custom-molded to your ears in just 4 minutes. Handy if you want to block out the world.

Sonomax's Eers kit comes with a silicone-injection system that produces custom-molded earphones in minutes. Tim Hornyak

LAS VEGAS--Hate it when you're jogging and your earphones drop out? Sonomax's Eers custom-molded earphones fit perfectly into your ears so music is isolated from ambient noise.

That means you can enjoy tunes at lower volumes and reduce the risk of hearing loss, according to Montreal-based Sonomax. The unique feature of its Eers series (initially dubbed "Soundcage") is that the headphones come in a kit with a silicone injection system that does the job in only four minutes.

The headphones are initially attached to a recyclable headband that's preloaded with medical-grade silicone. You fit it on your head with the buds in your ear canals, push two buttons and wait four minutes. The buds fill with silicone (which doesn't touch your ears) and mold to the shape of your ear.

Injecting the buds while they're inside your canals may sound a little scary, but the process is safe, clean, and quick. After getting a pair fitted to my ears, I found the sound quality surprisingly good--far better than my uncomfortable one-shape-fits-all earphones.

A finalist in the Last Gadget Standing competition, Eers is priced at $199.99 for single-driver earphones and $299.99 for dual-driver premium earphones.

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