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CES: CEO on Eers custom-molded earbuds (podcast)

Larry Magid speaks with Sonomax chief Nick Laperle about his company's do-it-yourself custom-molded earbuds.

Sonomax sound-isolating expansion earpiece Sonomax

"Ears are more distinctive than fingerprints," Sonomax CEO Nick Laperle said at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show shortly after introducing the Eers custom-molded earbuds kit.

Laperle said the kit comes with a recyclable headband that you place on your head with the earbuds in your ears. Silicon is then inserted into the earbuds to mold them to your ear.

I didn't have a chance to try out the product, but CNET blogger Tim Hornyak did and wrote that he "found the sound quality surprisingly good--far better than my uncomfortable one-shape-fits-all earphones."

As Laperle explains in this podcast, you can mold a pair to fit your ears in four minutes.


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