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Build your own iPhone case

If you need an iPhone case to match your wardrobe, the Case-Mate Quartet case might be a good choice.

Bonnie Cha/CNET

LAS VEGAS--It's been my experience that when there's a large crowd gathered around a booth at CES, it's either because of the booth babes or because a company is giving away free stuff. In Case-Mate's, err, case, it was the latter.

The cell phone accessories manufacturer had a station at its booth where attendees could build their own iPhone cases using interlocking pieces. Much like walking into a Lego store, there were canisters filled with different-colored parts that you could pick through to build the iPhone case of your rainbow-colored dreams. Non-CES goers shouldn't be too green with envy, though, as you can create one yourself with the Case-Mate Quartet case.

The Quartet Case is available for $35 and works with the iPhone 4 and 4S. It comes with six modular pieces, though only four are required for the entire thing. Building the case is as simple as sliding the pieces together, and it offers access to all of the smartphone's controls and camera.

Case-Mate collaborated with French designer Erik Arlen on the Quartet, and you can choose from five color sets: chantilly lace, high contrast, sensuous silk, rustic tweed, and vintage flannel.