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Bosch brings a bunch of new appliances to Vegas

It's Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas and Bosch has a ton of home appliance announcements.

800 series drawer microwaves Bosch

LAS VEGAS -- In addition to the Benchmark series that Bosch just announced, the high-end appliance company is also unveiling a whole bunch of other products also due in stores this April. Here are some of the highlights.

800 series drawer microwaves

These drawer microwaves are supposed to be able to accommodate up to a 9x13-inch baking dish or a 20-ounce cup. They can be installed under a stovetop and are designed to sit flush against your cabinets. They are priced at $1,549.
36-inch 800 series french door refrigerator Bosch

800 series freestanding french door refrigerators

These refrigerators boast LEDs and a water dispenser that's inside the fridge. They come in either stainless steel or custom paneling. The 33-inch model is priced at $2,199 and the 36-inch model ranges in price from $3,099 to $3,449.

800 Plus dishwasher

The newly designed 800 Plus is priced between $1,249 and $2,099. It offers a "half load" option when you want to run a cycle before your dishwasher is completely full. And at 38 decibels, Bosch claims that these are the quietest dishwashers in North America. They are supposed to be able to hold up to 16 place settings and they have six different wash cycles and other options, like a "glass cycle."

Axxis Plus compact washer

This washer may be small, but it can handle up to 17.6 pounds of laundry at a time. That sure sounds like a lot for a compact model. It has a bunch of different install options, including: stacked, side-by-side, raised on pedestals, in a closet, or under a counter. The coolest feature might be the 15-minute wash cycle. We look forward to testing that one. The MSRP for this model is $1,399.

Axxis Plus compact dryer

This is the Axxis Plus compact washer's companion unit and it is also priced at $1,399. Like the washer, it claims to have a "large capacity on a compact footprint." A moisture sensor keeps the dryer from running longer than it needs to, and the EcoAction feature is supposed to be able to reduce energy usage by as much as 10 percent.