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Bosch unveils Benchmark series at Design and Construction Week

Find out what new kitchen goodness Bosch is adding to its lineup this year.

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LAS VEGAS -- Design and Construction Week is well underway. Not only that, but the International Builders' Show (IBS) and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) are happening in Vegas right now, too. Fortunately, we're on the ground reporting the latest in home appliance news -- and Bosch just announced a new Benchmark product line for your reading and photo-viewing pleasure. It signals a complete overhaul of the Bosch kitchen suite.

Benchmark wall ovens

These 30-inch ovens boast a "universal cutout design" for easy installation. They also offer SideOpening doors that remind me of a typical microwave door more than a traditional oven door. AutoProbes will let you know when your food reaches the desired temp. There's also an EcoChef feature that "recycles" heat already inside the oven to finish the cooking process. The price of the single wall oven ranges from $2,899 to $3,199, and the price of the double wall oven ranges from $4,399 to $4,949.
Benchmark double wall oven Colin West McDonald/CNET

Benchmark steam convection ovens

This oven is equipped with steam, convection, and steam convection cooking modes. According to Bosch, it's the very first steam convection oven to be mass-produced for the high-end appliance market. It's priced at $3,449. We're excited to test one of these back at the CNET Appliances testing facility.
Benchmark induction cooktop Colin West McDonald/CNET

Benchmark induction and gas cooktops

The induction stovetops feature FlexInduction cooking. That means that there are two separate cooking zones that can be consolidated into one to fit larger pots and pans. It also features the AutoChef temperature control that supposedly holds a cooking temperature without fluctuating. The 30-inch cooktop is priced at $2,349 and the 36-inch cooktop is priced at $3,099. There's also a new Benchmark gas cooktop. The 30-inch costs $1,449 and the 36-inch costs $1,549.
Benchmark slide-in induction range Bosch

Benchmark slide-in ranges

Bosch is also adding four slide-in ranges to its new Benchmark line: a $2,999 gas range, a $2,899 electric range, a $3,549 induction range, and a $3,099 dual fuel range. They all offer 4.6 cubic feet of oven capacity and a convection mode. They also come with a meat probe and a warming drawer.
Benchmark island hood Bosch

Benchmark ventilation

To go along with the new Benchmark cooking line, Bosch also announced a new glass canopy, an island hood, and a pull-out visor hood in prices ranging from $699 to $2,199.
Benchmark speed microwave ovens Bosch

Benchmark speed microwaves

According to Bosch, these speedy microwaves combine the cooking ability of an oven with the speed of a traditional microwave. They have five settings: Bake, Broil, Convection, Microwave, and AutoChef Combination. They sound a bit like the GE Advantium ovens to me. Prices range from $1,799 to $1,999.
Benchmark over the range microwaves Bosch

Benchmark over the range microwaves

Prices for Bosch's OTR microwaves range from $419 to $799. They are supposed to match up nicely with the Benchmark slide-in ranges. They offer convection heat in select models and an LED-bedazzled LCD display.
Benchmark custom panel refrigerator Bosch

Benchmark built-in refrigerators

Bosch is also adding refrigerators to the new Benchmark series. Prices range from $6,399 to $8,249 and are available in 30 and 36-inch stainless steel or in 30-inch custom panels. They can be installed flush for a more seamless integration with other cabinets. These fridges also boast LED theater lighting.