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Our favorite meal-prep containers will get you excited to make lunch

Now what to do with all the money you'll save?


We know. Making your lunch and bringing it to work can seem… laborious. (Ditto to keeping on top of school lunches for your kids.) All that chopping and batching on Sunday takes time and effort, but it's also the best way to keep that Whole30 promise you made to yourself. Well, unless you spring for a certain meal kit delivery plan, but until that secret trust fund kicks in you might need a more practical solution for daily lunch.

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What you really need is motivation -- and that can come in the form of the right containers which actually makes the whole meal prep kind of fun, or at the very least, easy. That's why we rounded up some of our favorite meal-prep containers that are good-looking, uber-functional and will not only put you in the lunch-making spirit and ensure you never spend $16 on an overpriced salad again.

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This 18-piece set is a dream for portioning out soups, stews and brown-rice bowls, and then tossing them in your work bag -- the snap lids are completely spill-proof. (Hot tip: Use the tiniest one to tote condiments and dressings.)

Sur la Table

May you never buy another plastic bag again. These reusable silicone wunderkinds come in a variety of sizes (there are three in this set). Use one for your sando and the baby ones for cut carrots, nuts and berries (or chocolate).


We know you've maybe heard of this one before, but still, there's nothing more satisfying than constructing a gorgeous Mason jar salad, which is pretty much the perfect way to beat the "sad desk salad" blues.


These colorful containers will help you spot your lunch in a crowded office fridge. The tightly locking lids will minimize leaks and spills -- and they collapse after use, which means more cupboard space for you!


This genius three-layer salad container separates your proteins and toppings from your greens, and a mini container with a twist-off top keeps your dressing in check.


A favorite of Oprah's, this genius pack has a sleek bamboo cover and a Tetris-like modular design with containers that are completely spill-proof. (You can buy different sizes to mix and match.) Plus, it comes with magnetic cutlery, which decreases your chances of accidentally tossing one in the trash.


Prove that you're a millennial who can actually cook (or at least one who remembers to bring those leftovers from last night to work) with this double-decker bento box that can be converted into a single-tier box, too, depending on your haul.

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This adorable triple-decker box isn't just a looker -- the top layer will keep your food warm for two to three hours.

This story was written by July Vadnal and originally posted on Chowhound.