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Audible offers free beginners' workout programs to subscribers

But they won't be free for long.


Audible is trying to get people into its fitness programs by offering them for free.


Audible has launched a trio of free audio fitness programs for its US subscribers, but there's a time limit on the offer.

Subscribers only have until Sept. 5 to try out the programs, which Amazon-owned Audible created with audio fitness app Aaptiv.

The three programs are pitched at beginners, with a focus on running and meditation. All three are among Audible's most popular titles right now.

They'll be followed by more beginner programs -- for quick workouts, indoor cycling and improved sleep -- and intermediate workouts for people who travel regularly or are trying combat gym boredom.

Together, the programs are valued at more than $95, Audible notes. The three currently available normally range between $7 and $20 each.

Each one will include a soundtrack to help you maintain momentum, according to Engadget, which earlier reported the offer.

"Aaptiv is thrilled to offer Audible members a glimpse into the Aaptiv experience," Ethan Agarwal, Aaptiv's CEO, said in a statement.

First published Aug. 21 at 6:09 a.m. PT.
Update, 7:20 a.m. PT: Adds pricing, a link to Audible's top titles list and Aaptiv's response.