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AT&T TV Now price hike could add $15 to your bill

The changes roll out next month.


AT&T is once again raising prices on its online TV service.

Angela Lang/CNET

Online TV service AT&T TV Now is raising prices by up to 30% next month. AT&T customers received notices this week about the price hike, according to a Friday report by Bloomberg.

The service consists of live TV channels streamed online. The $50-a-month "Plus" package will now reportedly cost $65 a month, and the $70 "Max" package will go up to $80 a month. The changes roll out Nov. 19.

"We're adjusting our pricing to reflect the cost to deliver content to our customers," an AT&T representative said in a statement. "Customers can contact us at any time to review their plans or make account changes."

AT&T Now, formerly DirecTV Now, also rolled out a $10 price hike earlier this year.

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