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As Hong Kong's bad weather clears, Pokemon hunters return in force

With the heavy rain clearing up just before another typhoon is set to hit landfall in two days, Pokemon Go players in Hong Kong return to popular Signal Hill hotspot to catch 'em all.


The brief respite from the neverending rain from an incoming typhoon meant Pokemon Go hunters came out to catch 'em all.

Aloysius Low/CNET

It's been pouring cats and dogs the last two days in Hong Kong, thanks to Typhoon Sarika (which just missed the island thankfully), and as the weather cleared up last night, Pokemon Go hunters returned in force to popular hotspot Signal Hill, located in favorite tourist area Tsim Sha Tsui.

It's a testament to how popular the game still is in Asia, given reports on plummeting player numbers. The city is a great place to play Pokemon, given how tightly packed it is. PokeStops line almost every corner, and Signal Hill is popular thanks to three PokeStops conveniently located next to each other.

I stumbled upon this hotspot by accident earlier in the week, while checking the app for Farfetch'd at my hotel room. I saw an unfamiliar silhouette and got out to find the Pokemon that's exclusive to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. A big crowd had gathered there, with lures out in force.

I spoke to a couple on holiday from Singapore, who told me Hong Kong has had more rare Pokemon appearing, particularly of the Ground type, which kind of made sense as the island is much more hilly compared to Singapore.

Even as the clock ticked near midnight on a weekday, the crowd had gotten only slightly thinner, the cool after-shower night weather probably encouraging stragglers to stay for just one more catch. I suspect as Super Typhoon Haima approaches and could make landfall near Hong Kong on Friday, Signal Hill's Pokemon will enjoy their respite from PokeBalls being tossed at them.