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Apple store crazy lady immortalized by Backstreet Boys

You remember the lady who went nuts in an Apple store because she couldn't just walk in and get the part she needed? Jimmy Kimmel persuades the Backstreet Boys to turn her rant into music.

If only she'd sung too. Porcha Coleman/Vine Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Tone is everything. I say that to all my exes as they're telling me that I'm a no-good worm that turns every apple rotten.

It's also something that must have been learned by the lady who walked into an L.A. Apple store recently. Yes, the one who screamed her head offbecause she couldn't just get the part she required to complete her computing life.

The poor lady didn't have an appointment -- other than with fame, of course.

It wasn't her fault that actress Porscha Coleman made a Vine out of her performance. (I still think she knew her.)

Jimmy Kimmel found this clip mesmerizing. Indeed, he felt that this performance needed to be immortalized in song.

As it happens, the Backstreet Boys, who are still alive and singing, happened to be lying around his studio looking for something to do.

So they took her dialogue and created something far more tuneful out of it, a cappella.

From the malodorous to the melodious.

You will, on hearing this ditty, surely hum it for days as you wander about your office on your legs or skateboard.

Sing along now: "I was told by AppleCare that I could walk in the store and get a part."

Barbershop meets Apple store. Who could ask for more?