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Woman goes crazy in Apple store, Web laughs

A Vine of a woman expressing her frustrations in an Apple store immediately fascinates the viral masses. An everyday retail story?

She's not happy. Porscha Coleman/Vine screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There are all sorts of ways to become a star in L.A.

Some don't involve debasing yourself. Many do.

So please decide whether you find sympathy or laughter at the sight of a woman parting company with her equilibrium in an L.A. Apple store.

Courtesy of a Vine posted by actress Porscha Coleman, we see the lady experiencing the frustrations of not having an appointment at the Genius Bar.

As this Vine has wafted about the Web, many have laughed.

But isn't this an everyday occurrence in retail?

Standing all day in a store can be debilitating both for the mind and the nerves.

Customers come in and often take out their personal miseries on the very people who have played no role in the creation of those miseries.

There's something admirable about the way the Apple store employee -- at least in these six seconds -- stands there patiently, hoping the hurricane might pass.

For myself, the most poignant part is played by the poster on the wall in the background.

"One to One," it preaches.

It almost seems as if that's the proportion of staff to customers when one walks into some Apple stores.

Sadly, in this case, the woman just couldn't seem to find the one who could solve her problem.

Perhaps, though, she might get some auditions out of this. Or even an agent.