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Tuck your AirPods into your earlobes and never lose them

Got gauged earlobes? Then you also have a perfect holder for your Apple AirPods.

Apple's wireless AirPods are finally out and now customers are trying to figure out how to avoid losing one or both of the expensive untethered gadgets. The Verge took notice of a fanciful intersection between technology and earring fashion when Twitter user Andrew Cornett posted a photo showing his AirPods inserted into his earlobes.

Cornett has gauged ears, meaning his lobes have been stretched to accommodate larger pieces of jewelry. The long part of the AirPods fits right into his silver plugs for safekeeping. Cornett posted the image on Tuesday, writing, "Figured out how I'm gonna keep these AirPods from falling out of my ears."

The AirPods pull Cornett's earlobes upward a bit, but it doesn't look too uncomfortable and he's found a sure-fire way to not lose the earphones. It also looks convenient for those moments when you want to pop them out of your ears just long enough for a quick conversation.

Cornett's AirPods solution joins a collection of other options, including 3D-printed basket earrings designed to catch the falling devices and a strap that holds them together. It sure beats paying the $69 price to replace a lost AirPod.