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Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies shows off all-new gameplay

Bad Piggies will see you building crazy contraptions to steal eggs, new gameplay footage shows.

If you've ever thought those Angry Birds are just a tad too smug and need taking down a peg or two, you'll be chuffed to hear about Rovio's latest release, Bad Piggies.

Rather than hurl varying sized avians into poorly constructed castles, a new gameplay video -- seen over at Yahoo Games and embedded below -- shows you instead taking the role of the much-maligned pigs, constructing a host of madcap vehicles in order to get round a course and steal some tasty eggs.

The video shows a grid that acts as your vehicle's blueprint, letting you drag and drop the different parts you want on your contraption, including engines, rockets and even billows to propel you through the terrain. It seems much more creative than simply pulling back on a catapult to fling some feathers.

The massive popularity of Angry Birds can be credited in part to its simplicity though, so whether a more complex approach pulls in as many punters seems unlikely. But with cookbooks, board games and even playgrounds and theme parks now bearing the Angry Birds name, Rovio clearly knows a thing or two about getting ideas off the ground.

Bad Piggies is set for launch next week, on 27 September, on Android and iOS -- just in time for you to have a shiny new iPhone 5 in your hands to play it on, although whether it's optimised for the new widescreen display hasn't been noted. It'll later see its way to Mac, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 on tablets and desktops.

What do you make of Bad Piggies? Do you think it's time the pigs fought back, or do you the birds need to start thinking of more bacon recipes? Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.