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Airscape: A gravity-shifting octo-platformer on show at PAX Aus 2014

Created by a world-spanning team of students, Airscape is a puzzling platformer about an octopus trying to escape his alien abductors.

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PAX Australia 2014 ran from October 31 to November 2 in Melbourne and, much like the previous inaugural year, there was an incredible array of indie games on show.

As part of our video series this week, we're bringing you some of the great independently developed games that were available to check out as part of the Aus Indie Pavilion.

Airscape -- or to give it its formal name, Airscape: The Fall of Gravity -- is action platformer with gravity shifts and strange physics. It also just happens to cast you in the role of a dumbo octopus that's been abducted by aliens. So there's that.

The developer, Cross-Product, is made up of students from around the world and we spoke with Daniel about the why, where and when of Airscape. (Hint: you can get the demo on Steam now.)