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Airbnb Launches New Tools to Curb Partying

Rogue party throwers may want to book elsewhere.

Airbnb logo on a tablet screen
Sarah Tew/CNET

In efforts to expand its crackdown on unauthorized parties, Airbnb is rolling out new "anti-party" tech on the app, the company announced on Tuesday. After making its global party ban permanent in June, Airbnb shared that new software tools have been launched for testing in the US and Canada. 

The updated tech aims to identify potential rule-breaking guests by examining review history, length of stay, distance to a host's property and other indicators. In a blog post, Airbnb outlined its goal to "reduce the ability of bad actors to throw unauthorized parties which negatively impact our Hosts, neighbors, and the communities we serve."

According to the company, the new system will prevent high-risk reservations for entire homes from being processed. Those guests may still be able to book private rooms in a shared space or other property where a host may be present.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced a ban on house parties back in 2019 after several people were shot and killed at a rental property in California. During the past two years, the house-sharing app has taken additional steps toward restricting parties thrown without a host's consent. 

The company began testing the anti-party software in October in Australia, and said it saw a 35% reduction in unauthorized parties in regions where it tested. Following that, Airbnb rolled out the tool across the continent. The platform will monitor the tech's effectiveness as testing continues in the US and Canada, but the company acknowledges "no system is perfect."

To help support communities, guests, hosts and neighbors, Airbnb also encourages people to call its Neighborhood Support line to report parties and other incidents.