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AFL and NRL titles, new colours for PSP

Some sports fans will soon be able to play footy on PSPs colour matched to their favourite team's jerseys.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced that in July it will be bringing two popular PS2 sporting titles — AFL Challenge and Rugby League Challenge — to PSP (PlayStation Portable).

All of the teams and players from both codes have been recreated, so PSP gameplay can faithfully mimic what's happening on field. (Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

The officially licensed sports simulation games, developed by Melbourne-based Wicked Witch software, have been available on PS2 for five years, with combined sales for that console topping 370,000 according to Sony. Oddly, no mention was made of whether the sporting games may one day be offered for the PS3.

To take footy fever another step, a new range of coloured PSPs will also be launched in July, which will allow rabid fans the option of coordinating their PSP with their favourite team's colours. Swans, Bulldogs, Dragons, Knights and Kangaroo fans are especially catered for with the new Radiant Red and Vibrant blue models. Sony is also introducing Mystic Silver and Pearl White PSPs, and of course Piano Black stays in the range (for Magpie fans in particular).

Those not into sport will have to be content with some other upcoming PSP titles, including LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, which are both due for release by the end of the year.

Vibrant Blue and Radiant Red are the most striking of the new PSP colours added. (Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)