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3D-printed iPhone case gives you perfect Pokemon aim every time

Level up your Pokemon-catching skills with an assist from a special iPhone case designed to guide your finger during Pokeball throws.

That Pokemon won't get away this time.

Jon Cleaver

Not everybody has mad Pokemon skills. Some of us can't throw a Pokeball straight to save our lives. People like us need a little help to catch them all. The Pokeball Aimer is a 3D-printable iPhone case designed to guide your Pokeball-throwing finger into the correct position every time. Don't think of it as cheating. Think of it as an enhancement.

3D designer Jon Cleaver created the attachment, which sits over the screen of your phone and makes a groove for your finger to follow. He offers it as a free download through 3D-printing site MyMiniFactory. Right now, the pattern only works for the iPhone 6, but Cleaver says he'll design Pokeball Aimers for other phones if there's enough interest.

Pokemon Go is a wildfire of a game, capturing many millions of players in a very short amount of time. Some people are aces at it, like this guy who claims to have caught every Pokemon in the US. Other people fumble with the interface and are in constant need of restocking Pokeballs. Pokeball Aimer could be the perfect solution for those struggling trainers. That means more monsters and less time spent searching for Pokestops to refill your Pokeballs.

(Via Gizmodo)