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Someone strapped a 360-degree camera to a rocket

What an owl would see if he were an astronaut.

This doesn't really require a lot of explanation. If you want to feel what it might be like to launch into space, watch this video. Just click and drag around with your mouse.

Or better yet, strap on a Google Daydream View headset, fire up YouTube VR, and watch it there instead. I just did, and it was glorious. 

It's a shame they cut it short at one point -- I'd have gladly watched the entire journey.

(What you're seeing is the Maxus 9 rocket, which actually made this trip in April from the Esrange Space Center in Sweden. The Maxus program is a European venture to send research rockets up to space to perform science experiments in microgravity conditions. You can read more about this particular mission right here.)

Via Digg.