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Traeger's New Flatrock Griddle Could Be a Blackstone Contender

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James Bricknell
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Close up of steak, shrimp, vegetables, and taco shells on a grill
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Close up of steak, shrimp, vegetables, and taco shells on a grill

What's happening

Traeger, one of the leading pellet grill brands, has announced a new griddle, the Flatrock.

Why it matters

The company's first foray into griddles could be a true competitor to Blackstone, which has cornered the griddle market, especially for the high-end grilling crowd.

What's next

The Traeger Flatrock launches today, costing $899.

If you're a smoker of meats, you've likely heard of Traeger. One of the leaders in the world of pellet grills, Traeger is branching out to take on Blackstone, another grilling icon, with its latest release the Flatrock. International pricing wasn't immediately available for the $899 grill, but the price converts to roughly £750 or AU$1,330.
The Flatrock features 594 square inches of cooking area and a U-shaped gas heating system that Traeger is calling TrueZone. This model is a griddle-style gas grill that can cook a large selection of meats and vegetables in three separate zones. This should make controlling the cooking times easier, especially if you're trying to cook something like tacos.

The Flatrock also uses Traeger's handy Pop-And-Lock accessory rail system from its pellet smokers, opening it up to the already healthy ecosystem of accessories available. It has a large waste pot to help clean your grill surface as you cook, so you can scrape and clean as you go in long sessions or when cooking foods that generate a lot of grease, like Smashburgers. 

The shelves on the side are foldable to allow for easy storage, while the cold rolled steel surface is designed to be cleaned easily and to be simpler to maintain over time, especially when using the waste pot. Finally, the heavy-duty folding lid keeps everything dry and clean when not in use and acts as a wind guard when upright.

A black grill cooking meat and corn

Traeger also recently announced the new Ironwood and Ironwood XL wood fire grills. These are more traditional barbecue-style grills that use pellets to cook up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can sear meat rather than smoking or frying. Along with the Flatrock, these new machines expand Traeger's reach across a much wider range of grills.

The Traeger Flatrock launches Wednesday, and will be available at Traeger.com and other suppliers for $899.