Home Depot's Newest Giant Skeleton Is a 13-Foot Jack Skellington

Don't be scared. Halloween is only three and a half months away.

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Corinne Reichert
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Home Depot Jack Skellington Skeleton Giant Animatronic Halloween

This is Halloween.

Home Depot

If you're looking to go big this Halloween, Home Depot is one-upping its own infamous 12-foot skeleton. This year, Jack Skellington from Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas will be available as a 13-foot-tall animatronic figure for your front lawn.

The enormous Jack Skellington costs $399 -- $100 more than the 12-foot Skelly.

It's also got one over on Skelly in that it's animated. Jack Skellington's mouth and jaw move as he sings and dances to three different parts of the character's theme song, Jack's Lament. His head also comes off, and you can choose between displaying him with an angry face or a happy face, to smooth out your transition from using him as Halloween decor to a lawn decoration for the holidays.

The huge skeleton figure was designed by Home Depot in partnership with Disney to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Halloween/Christmas animation.

Given the popularity of Skelly in previous years, Home Depot is also now selling an LED lighting kit so you can give its rib cage a spooky glow.

Home Depot Yoda animatronic for Halloween and the Holidays

Celebrating Halloween, he is.

Home Depot

Later in August, Home Depot will launch an animatronic Yoda, also in partnership with Disney, which owns Star Wars. The Home Accents Holiday Yoda will cost $199, has a moving head and moving mouth, is 3.5-feet tall, has an LED lightsaber that moves, and is sensor-activated so anyone walking past your yard will be hailed by the syntactically idiosyncratic Jedi master. He comes with two different outfits -- a witch hat for spooky season and a Santa hat for the holidays.

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