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The Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations if You Can't Afford a 12-Foot Skeleton

A 12-foot skeleton on your lawn would be cool, but you can save $300 and check out these impressively spooky Halloween decorations.

While your main focus at Halloween may be on your costume, you can't forget about another important aspect of this holiday: the decorations. I'm sure by now you've seen the $300 Home Depot skeleton that is 12 feet tall looming large over some people's houses. If you haven't, I highly recommend scrolling Twitter to see these skeletons in action. 

If a 12-foot skeleton seems a bit too much for your taste (and budget) then you're not alone. Halloween decorations that stray from the standard pumpkin and ghosts can be hard to come by, but no need to spook yourself out. I've compiled a list of some of the best Halloween decorations for 2022.

Home Depot

If you want to make a statement with your decorating, this 5-foot bubbling cauldron is the way to go. At more than half the price of a 12-foot skeleton, this cauldron will stand out on every lawn.


Want to decorate your lawn in a more subliminal way? These three light-up ghosts are the perfect way to add some subtle spook to your lawn.

$14 at Amazon
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Who said Halloween decorations have to be scary? This 7-foot inflatable decoration will help you proudly display your love for music and Halloween all at once.


You can never go wrong with a classic black cat; especially when it's inflatable, 7 feet tall and has light-up red eyes. This mean-eyed kitty will help you make a statement this Halloween.

$63 at Amazon
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If inflatable cats aren't your thing then these lawn signs might be a better bet for you. Display these signs on your lawn and people will think before they set foot near your house. 

$20 at Amazon
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Don't overlook your door while decorating. This simple Halloween banner encompasses the true spirit of the season and only costs $6.

$13 at Amazon
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Trick-or-treaters beware: This doorbell is bound to scare even the bravest of children. When the doorbell is pressed, a light-up eye appears and makes spooky growling noises. This doorbell is a fun addition to any household expecting guests on Halloween.