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Amazon Is Giving Your Echo Show 15 the Fire TV Treatment

New and existing Echo Show 15 owners will be able to take advantage of Amazon's upcoming Fire TV update.

Kourtnee Jackson Senior Editor
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Kourtnee Jackson
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an Amazon Echo Show 15 smart display mounted on a wall

Behold, your personal Fire TV lineup on the Echo Show 15.


Amazon held its annual hardware event on Wednesday, where it unveiled a slew of new gadgets and features ahead of the holiday season and Prime Day 2. The retail giant announced an upcoming update for the $250 Echo Show 15, which will add the Fire TV streaming system to the big-screen smart display. The move expands Amazon's entertainment offerings on the device, granting you access to your personal library, numerous streaming apps and thousands of videos.

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Later this year, the Echo Show 15 will be equipped with the Fire TV app integrated into its interface, allowing you to stream TV shows, movies, live news and other content like NFL Thursday Night Football. Currently, you can watch Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu, which are all preinstalled on the Alexa-enabled device. According to Amazon, the upgrade will provide an additional selection of video titles from Paramount Plus, Showtime, Disney Plus and other platforms. New and existing Echo Show 15 owners will be able to take advantage of the Fire TV update, which will be available as an opt-in feature.

While you can cue Alexa to do a variety of tasks with just your voice, you can soon buy an Alexa Voice Remote to control your Echo Show 15. Which one? Current owners can grab a third-generation Alexa remote for $30, and new customers have the option to buy an Echo Show 15 bundle with the Alexa Voice Remote included in the package. Amazon did not provide a specific rollout date for the software update or product bundle.

disney plus lightyear image on Echo show 15

The Echo Show 15 is Amazon's largest smart display with a 15.6-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel front-facing camera and microphone. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, an ambient light sensor and customizable widgets. The Echo Show 15 has a range of smart home capabilities like shopping, answering doorbells or turning off the lights, but it's also used for entertainment and everyday tasks. In addition to watching TV or listening to music, you can make household to-do lists, set up home security alerts and do video chats with your loved ones. 

Separately, Amazon also announced a new range of Fire TV Omni QLED smart TVs, an Alexa Voice Remote Pro, and an updated Fire TV Cube