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Moving Month Tips: Top Home Security Devices That Move With You

Planning a move, now or in the future? These devices make it easy to move your security system, too.

Tyler Lacoma Editor / Home Security
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Tyler Lacoma
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A women sitings on a living room floor surrounded by brown moving boxes, working on a laptop perched on a box.

Moving a lot? You can take the right home security devices with you every time.

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May is National Moving Month, and the start the most popular moving time of the year. But as the weather warms up and people schedule relocations, you may be wondering if you have to leave your home security devices behind.

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We get it -- home security systems and cameras can be expensive. You want to know if you can take them with you on a move. And if you're renting, you probably want devices that don't require you to drill holes or do any other obvious damage.

Moving home security tech doesn't have to be hard, especially with a little uninstallation work. But if you're looking for the best devices to take on this move and every move after, start with these options. 

Arlo 8-in-1 Sensor Security System

Arlo's all-purpose sensor connected to the top of a white home door.

Arlo sensors can do nearly anything and are easy to move whenever you want.


Arlo's security system is different from any other system we've tested: It's made for easy placement and relocation whenever necessary, with eight-in-one sensors that can do anything, anywhere you put them. The sensors attach with adhesive so they're easy to place and remove as needed. Combine them with an Arlo hub, and they can measure motion, noise, water leaks, light, heat and more. Add an Arlo subscription and you can get better alerts or even opt for professional home monitoring.

Arlo's all-in-one sensors are especially easy to pack up and move to any location you need depending on what your new home looks like, so it's our top suggestion for people with flexible living situations. You can find a five-pack system for complete protection, or you could buy the hub and buy each sensor separately depending on what you need to save money.

SimpliSafe: The Essentials Package

SimpliSafe's Essentials sensors and hub on a gray background with decor.

SimpliSafe makes its devices easy to remove and relocate.


For a more traditional home security system, SimpliSafe is affordable and offers adhesive sensors that are easy to remove and take with you when moving. The Essentials package is one of the best kits with a few different entry sensors and a motion sensor to place as needed.

Everything in this SimpliSafe package is DIY, wireless and doesn't require any contracts -- all ideal for frequent movers. Their subscriptions are very affordable compared to companies like ADT and offer advanced home monitoring options.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam

The Ring Pan-Tilt Cam on a wood table beside a potted plant and white books.

Ring's new cam offers pan and tilt features, along with some welcome upgrades to the Ring Protect plan. 


Ring's latest camera offers a simple substitute for a full security system that clocks in at under $100 and is easy to set up -- well, wherever you want. The wired cam's pan and tilt features let it look out over an entire room or open floor plan to watch multiple access points or follow the action. It also comes with a physical privacy cover and activity zones for additional customization.

The HD camera also comes with Ring technology for color night vision and two-way talk capabilities (plus a siren). Keep in mind, you'll need a Ring Protect plan ($5 a month) for video storage and smart alerts. If you want to avoid a subscription, Eufy's pan and tilt camera  ($130) is a similar option with a higher resolution and onboard storage.

Google Nest Doorbell (2nd-gen, battery)

Google's Nest Doorbell, being installed beside a door by an older man.

Google's Nest Doorbells are effective, easy to install and don't nickel-and-dime you like some doorbells do.


Google's Nest battery doorbell is a compact way to view your front door and get free alerts about any people or packages. Add in a Nest Aware subscription and it can even recognize familiar faces that you save to your Google Home app. Recharging is as easy as taking it down and hooking the doorbell up to a charger overnight, after which it will last for three to four months.

Installation is very light for a video doorbell, requiring only a couple of screw holes in nearby trim or siding, so unscrewing and moving the model is easier than nearly any other doorbell we've tested.  If that's still too much damage for renters, you may want to look at Ring's Peephole Cam, a video doorbell that replaces your peephole with no screws needed.

August Smart Lock Gen 4

A hand holds the August Home Smart Lock 4 as it's installed on a white door.

August smart lock retrofits are much easier to take with you.


Some smart locks replace deadbolts entirely, which has its place but makes them difficult to move without a lot of unscrewing and a notable gap in the door where a lock should be. Retrofits like the August Smart Lock Gen 4 ($230) are much easier to take with you. They fit onto an existing deadbolt and can be removed without any significant changes to the door (keep the old thumb turn in a nearby drawer just in case), but still allow you plenty of app controls, remote unlocking and auto-lock settings.

The August Smart Lock offers excellent compatibility, linking to Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home/HomeKit and even Samsung SmartThings. You can monitor recent activity or create guest keys as needed from anywhere. It may be a bit pricey, but with a design that you move to any new home with a standard deadbolt on the door, you won't have to worry about losing your investment.

Can I move a security system with adhesive strips?

Yes, adhesive strip sensors and cams are the easiest to move. Careful peeling (sometimes with the help of heat and a paint edger) can dismount one of the devices in short order, with minimal damage -- although renters will want to be wary of potential drywall paint stains.

You can't reuse the same old adhesive strips in a new location, but fortunately most security devices use universal 3M adhesive patches that you can easily order. Adhesive installation works best on smooth, flat surfaces like metal, boards or glass, but we've see some good results on carefully-cleaned exterior siding.

If your home security device mount is screwed in, you can usually unscrew it by loosening the screws with a screwdriver and then using the reverse setting on a drill. But you will leave holes behind so you 

How do I pack security devices for a move?


Pack security cameras carefully.

Pack them just as you would for any sensitive electronics. Cushion them thoroughly in a box with padding like towels and bubble wrap. Wrap each individual sensor separately, and fill in spaces so they don't have room to jostle around.

Avoid using bubble wrap, newspaper or rough towels against the lenses of security cameras, which could damage them. Wrap the lenses in a felt cleaning cloth or similar material first. If you have the original boxes, use those. Some brands like SimpliSafe offer moving kits especially for transporting your system.

With security technology that's ready to move with you, stop by our articles on the places to never install a home security cam and the top cameras without subscription fees. You may also want to check tips if you are living with multiple roommates now.