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Buy Any Two Hue Lights and Get One Free During This Sale

Plus a buy one, get one half off sale on select mood lighting.

Zarrin Ahmed Deals and Updates Writer
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Zarrin Ahmed
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Lighting sets the mood in every part of your home. Warm, soft lighting may be great in your bedroom, while you'll probably want bright white lights in the bathroom and kitchen. 

Whatever the function or room, having the right light bulbs is necessary to complete your ambiance. Check out this buy two, get one free sale at Philips Hue on a variety of products that are sure to meet your lighting needs. The sale offers free shipping over $50, free 30-day returns and a two-year warranty on all products.

Hue lights fuse smart home functions with long-lasting bulbs that can suit all different needs. This starter set allows you to automate your bedside lamps to mimic sunrise at a preset time, and set warm and soft white lighting during the evening to help you prepare for sleep. You can also sync shows, music and games to the smart lights, which can be programmed to over 16 million different colors.

For a kit of four E26 bulbs that offers over 50,000 shades of warm to cool white light, consider this set that's already discounted 50%, from $120 to just $60. The lights can be controlled with your voice and can be paired with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

All of Hue's smart lights are controlled by the Hue Bridge ($59), the easy-to-install brain of the lighting system. The bridge can control up to 50 different lights through the Hue app, allowing you to perform a wide range of functions including automation for morning and evening routines.

This sale includes buy one, get one half off of mood lighting like this Iris table lamp ($110) and this Gradient Signe table lamp ($220).

Starter kits and accessories

Multipack bulbs

Single bulbs

BOGO 50% mood lighting