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The Philips Noodle Maker is a dream come true for noodlephiles

Available in Japan, the Noodle Maker is capable of making enough noodles for four people from scratch in the space of just 15 minutes.


Do you love noodles? Could you eat them every day? Well, it looks like you now can with the Philips Noodle Maker.

As the name suggests, this kitchen appliance creates fresh noodles from scratch and takes about 15 minutes to make around 500g. All you need to do is toss in the egg, flour and water or more exotic ingredients such as carrot juice and the machine will take care of kneading the dough and then automatically extruding the noodles through a noodle-making cap.

There are four different types of noodles that can be made -- thin, round and thick, flat thin and flat thick. However, in Japan, the Noodle Maker comes with different caps that make udon, soba, ramen and pasta instead.

The Philips Noodle maker is currently only sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. It retails for around 32,000 Japanese Yen ($313, £186, AU$333).