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If it's time to buy a washer and dryer for your laundry needs, you're probably planning to purchase the appliances as a matching set (let's not speak of combination washer dryers, which generally aren't great). So which laundry pairs that are available today are the best of the best for washing clothes and more

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We've compiled a list of five washers and their companion dryers that we'd gladly put in our laundry room, especially for tight spaces. Spoiler alert: Samsung  and  Kenmore  top the charts with two each of the five best washer and dryer sets on this list. Whether you need a compact washer and dryer for laundry or the most basic model to just get your clothes clean, your days of hand washing clothes are numbered.


Kenmore's 29133 washer and 69133 dryer.

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Large capacity: Kenmore 29133 washer and 69133 dryer

Kenmore's $1,100 29133 washing machine has an excellent laundry stain removal score, due to its extended wash time option, and a large 5.3-cubic feet capacity, big enough for your king-size comforter. The $1,100 69133 dryer -- also from Kenmore -- dries laundry and clothes of all kinds of fabrics fast. Together, this large-capacity duo of appliances will handle your wash and dry needs with little effort on your part, and with its sleek lines and metallic finish that mimics stainless steel, it does so in style.

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Samsung's FlexWash washer and FlexDry dryer.

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Smart features: Samsung WV9900 washer and DV9900 dryer

Samsung's $1,899 WV9900 FlexWash is actually two washers packed into one appliance. The main compartment houses a 5-cubic-feet front-load washer with steam wash technology for laundry and clean clothes; a 1-cubic-foot top load washer sits atop it (but it doesn't require two water lines, which is a nice plus). The $1,899 DV9900 FlexDry works in much the same way; it has two dryer units that you can run separately or at the same time. The top compartment can be used to dry delicate clothes and fabrics. Both the FlexWash and the FlexDry have a ton of laundry features, including a "Super Speed" setting for quick wash and app access so you can check in on your washer or dryer's status remotely and be sure that you have clean clothes no matter where you are.

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The Samsung WF45M5500AZ washer and DVE45M5500Z dryer.

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Impressive performance: Samsung WF45M5500AZ washer and DVE45M5500Z dryer

Samsung's $999 WF45M5500AZ is an excellent laundry performer -- this top-load washer removes stains on clothes better than pretty much every washer we've ever tested (and in size clocks in at a standard 4.5 cubic feet). The dryer wasn't bad, either. It turns out dry clothes fast and is energy efficient. But both appliances had cluttered laundry display panels that will take some getting used to. This stackable washer and dryer is good for a small laundry room (like in an apartment), but the stacking kit can also be installed side by side.

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Kenmore's 25132 washer and 65132 dryer.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

Great value: Kenmore 25132 washer and 65132 dryer

For an entry-level top-load washer with a stainless steel tub, you can't do much better than Kenmore's $600 25132. Not only does it perform exceptionally well with laundry and washing clothes, but it's also often on sale at Sears for even less. Kenmore's matching dryer, the $600 65132, is similarly minimal, which means less space in your laundry room. It doesn't have any fancy features or smart options and may not boast the best energy consumption and energy efficiency, but it dries clothes well. These appliances offer excellent overall value for your laundry needs.

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The Electrolux EFLS627UTT washer and EFME627UTT dryer.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

Attractive design: Electrolux EFLS627UTT washer and EFME627UTT dryer

Electrolux's $1,349 EFLS627UTT front-load washer machine has a smaller 4.4 cubic feet of space, but this front-load washer looks great. So does the companion EFME627UTT dryer with a capacity of 8 cubic feet. Both the front load washer and the dryer feature a digital display in the center of the control panel that doubles as a knob for selecting a laundry cycle for clothes. And they're still big enough to wash and dry a king-sized comforter.

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