Bosch, LG, Samsung lead in the eternal race to fill your home with appliances

A survey of 250,000 people have made their appliance alliances.

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Bosch, the company behind these colored refrigerators we saw at IFA 2018, is a favorite brand for consumers.

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Americans prefer the German brand Bosch when it comes to their large appliances , according to the results of a consumer satisfaction report released Tuesday. Bosch scored an 83 out of 100 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), the highest of the large appliance brands that were a part of the survey. Bosch scored one point better than last year. The ACSI noted that Bosch's higher score came after its release of black stainless steel appliances and expanded availability at Home Depot.

The ACSI uses information from interviews with about 250,000 people to analyze satisfaction with more than 380 companies in 46 industries, according to the ACSI website. It releases reports throughout the year.

Overall, people were satisfied with home appliances, a sentiment that's remained steady since last year. The scores for the category were 80 in both 2017 and 2018. Scores for other appliance companies were also high on the index: LG came in second at 82, followed by Samsung at 80, GE Appliances and Whirlpool at 79 and Electrolux at 78. Other appliance brands were gathered in one group on the index and received a score of 81.

The ACSI report said Electrolux experienced the biggest drop in consumer satisfaction in home appliances. The company scored an 81 in 2017. According to the report, tariffs on imported aluminum and steel negatively impacted the Swedish company, along with the company's decision to delay a $250 million expansion of its plant in Tennessee.

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