Use a towel to remove clothing wrinkles in 5 minutes

Are your clothes wrinkled? Only have five minutes? This tip's for you.

Alina Bradford CNET Contributor
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Alina Bradford

When you're busy, taking the time to iron clothes one by one isn't going to happen. To get wrinkles out of your clothes while you shower, just pop them in the dryer with a damp bath towel and set the timer for five minutes on medium heat.

As the towel dries it will create steam to remove the creases in the fabric. Your clothes will come out wrinkle-free and there's the bonus of that warm toasty feeling of clothes fresh from the dryer.

A few notes to remember:

  • Only put two garments at a time in with the towel. Too many items will crumple the garments and won't shake out the wrinkles as it steams.
  • This trick works best with 100% cotton clothes, though it will also work for blends with a high cotton content.
  • If the tag on the garment says not to put it in the dryer, you may need to steam or iron the garment.
  • Remember to pull your clothes out right away, or else they will wrinkle while they sit in the dryer.