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New Kohler Shower Bathes Your Skin in 6 Scents and Vitamins -- for Less Than You Think

Kohler is making showers and toilets that make your bathroom feel more like a spa, come in at cheaper prices and use less water, too. Here's the news from CES.

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What's even better than aromatherapy in your bathroom? Aromatherapy in your shower. At least that's a thought bathroom and kitchen giant Kohler wants you to luxuriate in with its latest shower system.

At the CES mega-electronics show in Las Vegas this week, Kohler unveiled four new and notable showers, baths and toilets that bring a smarter, more luxurious -- and in one case, cheapest -- spa experience into your bathroom. The aromatherapy shower that lavishes you with calming scents and skin treatments is just the start. A different shower with six spouts is another. Read on!

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Sprig shower aromatherapy system brings the spa to your bathroom for under $120

Kohler Sprig shower head in an aqua-colored tiled shower

Kohler's Sprig shower pod system infuses both essential oils and hyaluronic acid into your shower spray.


Aromatherapy for the home shower is trending hard, and Kohler has launched a collaboration with Sprig for a system that attaches to your showerhead and infuses vitamins, scents and other good skin stuff into the water via pressed pods. The system will function only with Sprig pods, which are available in six calming scents, including lavender and eucalyptus. The pods also contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that are found in beauty products and are known to improve skin health.

The Kohler fixture, which will retail for a surprisingly affordable $119 (plus the cost of pods), is designed to be fitted to Kohler showerheads, but can also be attached to most other showerheads so you won't have to install a whole new shower system to reap the benefits of this Kohler x Sprig collab. 

Smart toilet updates warm your buns and contain the splash

Kohler Eir smart toilet in a white bathroom

Kohler's Eir Smart Toilet has fewer features than the Numi 2.0 but clocks in at a more approachable price.


If you've got roughly $11,000 lying around for a new porcelain throne, Kohler revealed the Numi 2.0 toilet with an updated design and a more approachable price for CES 2023. The Numi 2.0 features a heated seat (ahhh), hands-free flush, built-in bidet and lid that closes automatically so you don't have to worry about, um, splash. With the Numi, you'll likely never have to touch the toilet again, and that sounds like a win. 

For a (slightly) more cost-effective smart toilet, Kohler's announced two other models: the Innate and Eir smart toilets, both of which have fewer premium features but will retail for less.

Stillness spa bath, with fog and LED lights, is real

stillness bath

2023 marks the first time Kohler is showcasing the lavish Stillness Bath in person at CES.


Kohler debuted the Stillness Spa Bath at CES last year, but this year's show marks the first time it'll appear in person. The bath combines a fog that blankets the surface with essential oils and LED lights to set the mood. The Stillness Infinity bath model fills from the bottom and intentionally overflows down the sides into a built-in reservoir to create a soothing gurgle as you soak in the rest of the immersive spa bath experience. 

Anthem digital shower gets more controls for 6 spouts


Kohler's Anthem gets a few eco-friendly upgrades that allow for better monitoring and variable control to save water during showers.


Kohler's digital integrated shower control isn't new, but it has some improvements over last year's model for even more customization. With the installation of the Anthem ($420), you can now control the temperature, volume and intensity of up to six spouts during a single shower including a body spray that targets your middle. 

The shower experience gets upgraded eco-friendliness as well, courtesy of Statement VES (variable eco-spray,) which uses up to 40% less water by monitoring the output and allowing you to toggle down to save more. Also new is Kohler's Katalyst technology, which pumps the water droplets with air to make them bigger, allowing for less total water use while maintaining a full spray. The signature Kohler waterfall showerhead has also been changed from a round shape to oval for more direct body coverage and less wasted water. 

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