LG's Signature Wine Cellar lifts your selection to your hand at IFA

The voice-controlled, multitemp cellar is one of three new additions to LG's super premium line here at the Berlin tech show.

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LG's Signature Wine Cellar can hold as many as 65 bottles of wine.

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LG's high-end appliance line will now cater to your inner sommelier. The LG Signature Wine Cellar headlines three new additions to the pricey LG Signature series. Announced Monday, the new LG Signature Wine Cellar, LG Signature Dryer and LG Signature Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator will be on display at the IFA tech conference in Berlin this week.

LG hasn't announced prices for any of the three, but expect some sticker shock. The LG Signature line previously encompassed the Twin-Wash Washing Machine, a dishwasher, a double-oven, a fridge, an OLED TV and an air purifier. The entire line sits at the premium end of the price spectrum for each of their respective categories.

The Wine Cellar will be able to hold 65 bottles, and you can set different areas of the cellar to different temperatures to properly store a variety of wines. Apparently, the Wine Cellar will be able to recognize your voice, so you can issue a voice command to turn on the light and browse your selection without opening the door.

Even better, the drawer fridge at the bottom can lift up automatically when you need to access it, so you can store and grab your bottles without bending over. The new LG Signature Bottom Freezer will also have an automatically lifting drawer, as well as a main fridge door that opens automatically as you approach.

The dryer won't have as many flashy features, but it'll automatically sense the size of your load and adjust the cycle automatically. It also supposedly uses running water to keep your lint trap clean for more consistent drying throughout the cycle.

We'll hope to see these innovations in action soon to gauge whether these new premium appliances will be worth the inevitably lofty price.

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