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This is why you should keep a bikini trimmer in your laundry room

This one addition to your laundry room can save your favorite sweater.

Bikini trimmers work great for removing pills.
Alina Bradford

If you've ever thrown out a sweater because it was covered with lint balls, then this tip is for you. Next time save your sweater using a simple appliance you probably have in your bathroom: hair trimmers.

All you do is shave the lint balls off just like you'd cut unwanted hair from your body. You can use hair trimmers like Wahl hair clippers on their lowest setting or beard and bikini trimmers like Finishing Touch or Kiss Super Groom. I suggest buying a bikini trimmer to keep specifically in the laundry room so it's always handy. They're inexpensive, small and easy to use.

Getting rid of sweater pills is easy. Hold the trimmer so that the blades are parallel to the fabric and skim along the surface as if you were shaving your sweater. Make sure that you go slowly and don't nick the yarn. Trimmers can easily sever a stitch and make your sweater unravel.