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Grab a delightful pack of sushi magnets for $11 right now

They look good enough to eat, and certainly good enough to give as a gift.

Hey Foly

As far as giggle-inducing stocking stuffers go for the food-obsessed, these sushi magnets are up near the top of the list. Anyone with a fridge has use for magnets and these omakase-style pieces of fresh fish look good enough to eat. The pack of eight tasty (sadly plastic) morsels is down to $11 on Amazon (save $2) and ships well before Christmas.

Speaking of kitschy food gifts, this Bluetooth Banana Phone is down to $40 (originally $50). I've actually used this completely unnecessary but totally fun mobile device. It connects to your phone easily so you can walk around the house (or in public) yapping into a piece of fruit or playing music from it. 

Even better, 1% of all Banana Phone sales go to gorilla conservation in the Congo.

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