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Dash Air Fryers, Toasters and Blenders Are Up to 50% Off

Level up your at-home eats with discounted gear from this stylish kitchen brand.

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Dash makes some extremely smart kitchen gadgets with a vaguely retro design. Several of the brand's small appliances are on sale at Amazon, including a 2-6-quart air fryer down to $40 and an extra-wide toaster with a handy viewing window for $35. If you're into sous vide egg bites for an easy, healthy breakfast, Dash has a small countertop machine designed to make them and it's down to just $21. 

Shop the full sale here and "dash" over to Amazon to upgrade your kitchen arsenal for cheap.


I've tested this Dash air fryer and it packs plenty of power to make all your favorite snacks -- wings, fries, frozen pizza bites -- without any oil.


A meat thermometer is one of those things you put off buying, but it's really handy to have around when you need it. Bag this one while it's 50% off.


If you love those pillowy and protein-packed egg bites at Starbucks, you'll love this Dash machine that makes them for you at home. 


This smartly designed toaster has wide slots to toast thick bread and bagels. It also has a viewing window so you don't have to guess when your slices of rye or whole wheat are perfectly golden brown. 

Like all Dash's stuff, it's got a slightly retro look and is available in a few fun colors.


We haven't tested Dash's premium blender just yet, but it's got 1,400 watts of punch -- which is on par with some of the top blenders in the biz. 

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