Color your Haier fridge to match your kitchen's decor

At IFA here in Berlin, Haier injects the traditionally stainless steel appliance with a dose of style.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
2 min read
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Chris Monroe/CNET

Haier invites you to step outside the bounds of stainless steel. At the IFA trade show here in Berlin, the appliance maker unveiled a new line of fridges with customizable color options. When you order a Series 60 or Series 70 fridge from Haier, you'll be able to use the website to pick your colors of choice.

Since so many large appliances look similar, save for minor differences in the curve of the handle or the logo, a dash of color should help the Chinese company's fridges stand out as unique statement pieces.

Other major manufacturers have taken small steps to be different -- LG offers a black stainless finish, GE (which was recently acquired by Haier) has slate. Really only Smeg offers any sort of actual variety. And since Haier promises a "virtually limitless" color palette to pick from, it should have even more options than the retro stylings of the design-centric Smeg.

Along with customizable colors, Haier showcases a couple of other fridge innovations at the Berlin trade show -- fresher technologies and easy access freezer drawers. Neither of these announcements stand out as much as the colors -- almost every fridge we've reviewed boasts of its ground-breaking technology that'll keep your food fresher for longer.

Haier hasn't announced prices or availability of its color-centric fridges yet. I expect they'll launch in Europe first, but given Haier's acquisition of GE, there's reason to hope we'll see fridges in color in the US before too long.