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Bugatti Noun glass toaster looks like the real thing

At the EuroCucina 2014 tradeshow in Milan, Bugatti demonstrated its new Noun toaster. The see-through toaster makes more than just toast.

The new Bugatti Noun toaster designed by Andreas Seegatz and Stars agency promises to be a new way of looking at the iconic appliance.
The new Bugatti Noun toaster promises to be a new way of looking at the iconic appliance.Andreas Seegatz/Stars

The toaster is perhaps the most recognizable thing in the kitchen, save for a funny-looking chef's hat. The iconic appliance is often unassuming, lying in wait of its equally unassuming payload: a couple of slices of plain white bread. But this lowly meal is deceptive in its simplicity. Sliced bread can represent anything from the start of a great sandwich to just a simple vehicle to set on the side of a plate. And of course, for a toaster, sliced bread is just the start.

Toasters have evolved throughout generations like any good kitchen appliance or gadget should, but the new wave looks to go beyond bagels and English muffins. Above, we see the Bugatti Noun glass toaster currently featured at the EuroCucina 2014 tradeshow in Milan. Unlike other glass toasters, this one cooks in a whole different way.

The ceramic glass sides of the Noun conduct heat, directly cooking food that comes in contact with it. Yes, I said "food." Much like the toaster oven took reheating pizza slices and even whole meals to new levels, the glass toaster is capable of cooking much more than bread. Using heat-resistant cooking bags, the toaster on display was shown to cook shrimp and even steak. With such a cool design and versatile capabilities (it will also have a smartphone app), it's easy to see why this transparent toaster could be the start of a whole new thing.

The Noun toaster is set to debut first in Europe, with the US to follow in 2015.

Via Reviewed.