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Bosch dishwashers turn up the heat for CrystalDry dishes

Bosch's latest models focus on making your dishes bone dry when the cycle completes.

Laurie Frankel Photography

What's drier than being dry? CrystalDry.

Bosch is showing off two new dishwasher technologies at the International Builders Show in Vegas this week. Both are focused on drying your dishes more effectively.

New high-end models will be getting a feature called CrystalDry starting this fall, which heats the moisture in the dishwasher after a run to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Supposedly, the hot air is then circulated gently to heat away the water remaining on the dishes.

Midrange Bosch dishwashers will debut with a feature called AutoAir around this same time. AutoAir cracks the door of your dishwasher when the cycle completes, and protects your counter with a Steam Guard. Certain Samsung dishwashers take a similar approach, allowing steam to escape while letting fresh air circulate into the machine.

Frigidaire recently rolled out new drying tech as well, called MaxBoost Dry, which mixes hot and cold air to whisk away moisture. Drying performance seems to be getting more attention from manufacturers, and it'll be interesting to see which new technique performs the best in the real world.

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