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Amazon is selling refurbished Dyson Ball vacuums for $150 today

Hurry! The deal ends in 12 hours.

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.
Chris Monroe/CNET

Certified refurbished Dyson Ball multifloor upright vacuums are down to $150 on Amazon on Friday, according to Kinja Deals. The deal is available Friday only and will end in 12 hours.

A new Dyson Ball Multifloor 2, which is the updated version of this model, costs $400 on the company's site. A new Dyson Ball Multifloor vacuum costs $275 on Amazon.

The vacuum also comes with a six-month Dyson limited warranty against original defects.

Dyson said earlier in March that the company would stop selling its upright models, focusing only on cordless vacuums like the Cyclone model and the Pure Cool air purifiers.

Dyson didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.