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Alexa gets promoted to the Premier League with Arsenal FC skill

The leading British football club is letting fans in the UK and US livestream matches through Amazon's home assistant.

Alexa's got those footie skills down.
Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal became the first British Premier League football club to add a skill for Amazon's Alexa this weekend.

The London-based club is allowing fans in the US and the UK to livestream matches, accessing live commentary and real-time match stats plus pre-match build-up, line-ups, score updates and post-match analysis through the smart assistant.

Alexa is a whole lot of fun in its own right, but it's third-party skills such as this one, created by digital agency AKQA for Arsenal, that really bring the value to users. It means there are potentially endless possibilities for making Alexa more useful to users, from helping with common everyday tasks like playing music to supporting niche interests like following specific sports teams.

"It is fantastic to be able to offer our supporters another digital channel to access all the club news," said Arsenal's head of marketing Charles Allen in a statement. "It is an easy, efficient and innovative way for fans with Alexa devices to keep up with the team and bring the match-day action to their own homes."