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9 Things You Don't Clean Around Your Home but Should ASAP

These hidden and often-overlooked things accumulate dust, dirt and germs.

Robin Raven
5 min read
Close up of man cleaning TV screen

Many people watch their TV every day but don't make it part of their dusting routine. 

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A quick tidying session doesn't always suffice. If you haven't given your home or apartment a good scrub down since your spring cleaning session, it's time for a deep clean of your home and home appliances. Hidden germs and grime may linger in some unexpected places. It's hard enough to remember to clean your Keurig coffee maker or your washing machine, let alone remember to wipe down your remote and that tricky gap between your oven and kitchen cabinets.

So here are nine spots in your home that you may have been neglecting and should make an effort to clean as soon as possible. (For more cleaning tips, check out how to clean your pillows the best way and how to clean a yoga mat.)  

1. Microwave ceiling

Microwaves get lots of splatters, and while you may regularly clean the sides and the glass tray, you may be missing another important part -- the ceiling. 

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Vera Peterson, the president of Molly Maid, said the best way to clean this tricky area is to add a quarter cup of vinegar to one cup of water and boil the solution in your microwave for three minutes. The walls of the oven's interior will be coated with scalding hot, acidic humidity, which will allow you to easily scrub away the stuck-on food with a sponge. 

2. Dryer vents

You may know that you need to empty the lint screen after every load of laundry you dry, but did you know that you also need to have your dryer's vents thoroughly cleaned at least once a year? Scott Thomas, the director of systems at Dryer Vent Wizard, says that you need to take this extra step if you frequently use dryer sheets. 

"Dryer sheets leave a waxy buildup on the lint screen and can lead to possible fires," Thomas said.

The best way to clean the vents is with hot soapy water and an old toothbrush. Thomas recommends cleaning the vents every three to six months. 

3. Television screen

So many people watch their television daily yet don't consider that it needs to be part of their weekly dusting routine. Peterson recommends keeping your TV cleaning routine simple: just do a quick swipe with a duster or microfiber cloth over the vents, speakers and other crevices. 

If the screen itself needs further cleaning, use a gentle cleaning solution that is labeled to be safe on electronic screens. Also, be careful of how much cleaning solution you use. 

"Your television is an electronic [device], so it should never be oversaturated with any product," Peterson said. "Always spray into your cloth, never directly on the device."

4. Gap between your oven and cabinets or walls

Since it's typically quite small, most people don't realize that the gap between their oven and the cabinets or walls in their kitchen can attract a big mess. Because you're cooking and meal prepping in this area, it can quickly accumulate crumbs, spills and splatters, which can lead to bad odors. 

5. Ceiling fan blades

You only need to look up to see the dust and grime that can accumulate on the top of ceiling fan blades. There's an easy fix, though.

Simply disconnect the power to the fan and position a ladder or step stool below. Slip a pillowcase over each blade one at a time, using the top portion to wipe the blade and the bottom to catch the debris. Then, use a lint-free cloth sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner to remove residual grime and wipe down the base and light fixture.

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If you regularly use small kitchen appliances like a blender, food processor or coffee grinder, then you know how tricky it can be to get every nook and cranny clean. This set of cleaning brushes is designed to get into even the hardest-to-reach places of pretty much any appliance you own. As an added bonus, you can also use them for general cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen.


OXO Good Grips Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set.

6. Silverware tray

The kitchen is host to many surfaces that can collect some icky messes. Your silverware tray may seem like a surface that is sure to stay clean since you only put newly cleaned silverware in it after washing, however, that's not really the case. 

Peterson says many utensils aren't totally clean after a dishwashing cycle, which in turn dirties the silverware tray. 

The good news is that you only need to worry about this chore once per month. Just remove all your silverware from the tray and dump out the debris over your trashcan or sink. Using a mixture of two parts water to one part distilled vinegar, dampen a clean cloth and wipe out the container. If the tray is dishwasher safe, you can also just simply run it through a cycle.

High angle view of spoons and forks in silverware tray

Many utensils aren't totally clean after a dishwashing cycle.

san isra/500px/Getty Images

7. Window screens 

Dirt can easily transfer onto your glass from a soiled window screen, making your window itself dirty no matter how recently you've cleaned it. 

"A clean windowpane's worst enemy is a dirty screen," Ken Fisk, the director of technical services at Window Genie, said. 

You don't have to do a lot to get a screen clean, though. Remove the screens, use a dry brush to get obvious dirt and grime off the screen, then simply rinse it with a hose. Let the screens dry by placing them on a towel in your yard, then return the screens to your windows. 

8. Remote controls

A remote control is used so often in most homes that it doesn't have a chance to accumulate dust. However, frequent usage is precisely why you will want to frequently clean it since remotes can accumulate germs from your hands. Try wiping it down with disinfecting wipes at least once per day or whenever you feel it needs it. 

9. Sides of the refrigerator

The front and sides of your refrigerator need to be regularly cleaned. Germs on the outside of the fridge can easily get on hands that then touch the food that you eat. 

To clean the exterior of a refrigerator just close the door and wipe down the outside of the refrigerator with a soapy cloth. If you have a stainless-steel appliance, remove fingerprints and grime with store-bought stainless-steel spray. 

Peterson recommended a clever trick if you don't have stainless steel spray: Apply baby oil to a microfiber cloth and wipe with the grain. And as an added bonus, baby oil costs virtually nothing compared to store-bought cleaner.

Woman Cleaning Stainless Steel Refrigerator Surface

Baby oil makes a handy alternative to stainless steel cleaner. 

s-cphoto/Getty Images

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